UAV-BASED Multi-sensor datasetS for geospatial research

- ISPRS Scientific Initiative 2021-2022 -

The UseGeo - UAV-based multi-sensor datasets for geospatial research - is an ISPRS Scientific Initiative which aims to deliver a new and unique dataset for the rigorous assessment of 3D reconstruction algorithms applied to images acquired with UAV platforms. 

Simultaneous acquisitions using images and LiDAR in different areas are performed. LiDAR has been used as reference, whereas images are used for the testing multi-view photogrammetric methods (SfM, MVS) and monocular depth maps estimation based on deep learning methods. To this purpose, state-of-the-art algorithms can be trained and tested on the available data to provide a few baseline models for the scientific community.

Different areas characterised by different landscapes are considered in the acquisition in order to deliver relatively heterogeneous scenes. The collected data are sufficiently large to allow the training & testing of all typologies of algorithms, with specific regard to deep learning ones.